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Anger and Honesty

I give up. This was supposed to be a professional blog; a place of import, one to make a difference. There’s a zillion of em out there, none of which are helping me to succeed. Why? Because I am ANGRY inside. Furious even. For no apparent reason. Sure, I have been trying, and failing, for many years but, the anger precedes all this. I was born with it. Anyone remember Styx? “Angry Young Man” No longer young – still angry. I no longer care to try. This is my outlet, for better or for worst, it’s got to be me. How else will you know I’m not like all the rest? Yes, I need to sell something. No one will hire me. I’ve got to make a living somehow. Being male and nearly fifty, hooking is out. What else is there?

I make the rounds at all hours; things of interest or value are Blinklisted as they are discovered at w2wMarketing and generally include a short description of the site.