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First Things First

The first thing I do when I awaken is fire up the command center. While I take care of business, my PCs 7 layer security system does its thing. Next is the operative moment:
to socialize? or to check email? Either one will invariably lead to the other; new ideas flowing like a fresh water mountain stream. From the notes I take, presentations are developed for distribution through multiple marketing channels. Breaks for food and light gaming occur when my head begins to swim or my eyes defocus. Concentration is essential to the effective management of self-optimization and the application of appropriate social and business communication. As you may have noticed, I also enjoy writing. Digital presentations of many varieties are a specialty of mine; a hobby turned into a life support system. Webfly (1/29/2008)

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This has to be me

The best advice I have ever gotten in regard to a professional blog is – be yourself. The places I have been, the things I have done and seen…

What best could I tell you? How I feel…

..and where to find what I have known.

Every day I go to GiveAway and GameGiveaway to see what is offered, and more importantly, the reviews. These are real people; a part of the social network. My network.

Another part of the network is Blinklist; look up w2wMarketing. I have a rather extensive tag cloud from all my explorations. More impressive is what you can find from the public list! This is what is now known as social search, the engine that drives the future.

Find a listing that interests you, then JUMP. Go directly to that person’s list to see what else they might have found. From there go to another…

Be sure to tag your favorites for automatic updates.


Thirteen years ago my then five year old daughter uttered her final words too me, “Daddy, I’m not allowed to talk to you anymore.” This with her cackling mother in the background, in direct defiance of a court order directing her to allow contact. No wonder I’m still angry. There is no getting over that sort of abuse. My own mother, God bless her, is sending a phone card because my daughter turned 18 and against her mother’s dominance. She wants to talk to me. I have one chance to make certain Amber understands that I have always loved her, and that the non-contact all these years was not my idea. Do I wish ill of my Ex for the pain and suffering? You bet. I’m human. Damning her to hell would be too great a blessing…

My daughter, Amber


Anger and Honesty

I give up. This was supposed to be a professional blog; a place of import, one to make a difference. There’s a zillion of em out there, none of which are helping me to succeed. Why? Because I am ANGRY inside. Furious even. For no apparent reason. Sure, I have been trying, and failing, for many years but, the anger precedes all this. I was born with it. Anyone remember Styx? “Angry Young Man” No longer young – still angry. I no longer care to try. This is my outlet, for better or for worst, it’s got to be me. How else will you know I’m not like all the rest? Yes, I need to sell something. No one will hire me. I’ve got to make a living somehow. Being male and nearly fifty, hooking is out. What else is there?

I make the rounds at all hours; things of interest or value are Blinklisted as they are discovered at w2wMarketing and generally include a short description of the site.

Social and Business Writing Opener

This blog is primarily concerned with the technical aspects of mature, polished writing and the subsequent submission for review and/or publication. This will include discussions of my ever expanding social network (Web 2.0 utilizations) will be highlighted along with those applications which I use to create various types of presentations.

I have not yet formulated my first post; being sidetracked by breaking news and really cool developments; therefore, to refocus on the task at hand I offer two quick links. OK, four.

The first is my own site written for the high school senior, college student, and micro-business market segments. A simple, yet effective starting point which even seasoned writers may appreciate. BEFORE/AFTER is my short, single page foray into the world of Desktop Publishing for the Web. There is more to be created for the site but, it may become reproduced as additional pages here. Since it has been Search Engine Optimized and submitted through WebCEO, it is already out there somewhere.

The second link is a bit of news I acquired while researching a different site and product altogether. The originating site was SoftInquiry which contains ‘all things software’. The bit of news I wish to share in this first post is to be found at the following link:

Blog This: How to really make money with Web 2.0 | Software as Services |

My mindset is generally open to research and development which produces a tremendous amount of material for mini-reviews and a substantial tag cloud for easy reference. Go to w2wMarketing at my primary social bookmarking site; Blinklist.

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