This has to be me

The best advice I have ever gotten in regard to a professional blog is – be yourself. The places I have been, the things I have done and seen…

What best could I tell you? How I feel…

..and where to find what I have known.

Every day I go to GiveAway and GameGiveaway to see what is offered, and more importantly, the reviews. These are real people; a part of the social network. My network.

Another part of the network is Blinklist; look up w2wMarketing. I have a rather extensive tag cloud from all my explorations. More impressive is what you can find from the public list! This is what is now known as social search, the engine that drives the future.

Find a listing that interests you, then JUMP. Go directly to that person’s list to see what else they might have found. From there go to another…

Be sure to tag your favorites for automatic updates.


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