Social and Business Writing Opener

This blog is primarily concerned with the technical aspects of mature, polished writing and the subsequent submission for review and/or publication. This will include discussions of my ever expanding social network (Web 2.0 utilizations) will be highlighted along with those applications which I use to create various types of presentations.

I have not yet formulated my first post; being sidetracked by breaking news and really cool developments; therefore, to refocus on the task at hand I offer two quick links. OK, four.

The first is my own site written for the high school senior, college student, and micro-business market segments. A simple, yet effective starting point which even seasoned writers may appreciate. BEFORE/AFTER is my short, single page foray into the world of Desktop Publishing for the Web. There is more to be created for the site but, it may become reproduced as additional pages here. Since it has been Search Engine Optimized and submitted through WebCEO, it is already out there somewhere.

The second link is a bit of news I acquired while researching a different site and product altogether. The originating site was SoftInquiry which contains ‘all things software’. The bit of news I wish to share in this first post is to be found at the following link:

Blog This: How to really make money with Web 2.0 | Software as Services |

My mindset is generally open to research and development which produces a tremendous amount of material for mini-reviews and a substantial tag cloud for easy reference. Go to w2wMarketing at my primary social bookmarking site; Blinklist.

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